Pastor Dominick and Kim Apollo have been with us since 1990. Pastor is intimately involved with the on going ministries of this church. Pastor leads our Wednesday Men's Bible Study and the new Wednesday evening Bible Study  faithfully. He also heads-up our Thursday evening Dinner/Bible Study. Kim serves the Lord with FRC and is such a blessing to this body, with her show of love for her family and for Christ. She is intimately involved with the ministries at The River & Bergen Regional and also tends to our little ones in the FRC nursery faithfully, just to name a couple. She also attends prayer meeting and Bible studies. Pastor and Kim's daughter Allyson and her husband Jim have one son, and their daughter Kaitlyn and her husband Zack recently had their first son.  Congratulations to the proud grandparents!


Dominick & Kim Apollo

(Head Pastor Dominick Apollo)

Phil & Rosie Mingos

(Elder Rosie Mingos)

Rosie Mingos has been attending FRC for more than 30 years! She's been the Adult Sunday school teacher for about 15 years and has also been the leader of FRC's  Tuesday Morning Women's Bible Study faithfully for 16 years now. Rosie has served as an Elder on our consistory for more than 20 years. Phil and Rosie are also Worship team leaders for our traditional worship. Phil has been a member here at FRC since he was a little boy attending with his family. He also attends Bible Studies regularly and is involved with ministries at FRC. Phil was also a Sunday School teacher here at FRC for our teens group and also served as an Elder at one time. Rosie and Phil's daughter Anna and her husband Adam have two children and a third on it's way. Congratulations to the proud grandparents!!!

John & Jamie Moran

(Elder John Moran)

John Moran has been attending FRC for about 10 years and has served as an Elder on our consistory since 2008. John and Jamie bless many with their music ministry and are involved in many worship events, with FRC and outside of FRC. John serves as a Worship team leader here at FRC for our Contemporary Worship, Jamie joins him each month. John also joins the worship and praise team at Bergen Regional every chance he gets. He's also serves a Sunday School teacher for FRC's teens group. Jamie teaches for our Children's Church Ministry and leads worship with John. They attend Bible Studies and prayer meetings faithfully. John, Jamie and their adorable daughters (as shown in pic) are a total delight to the Body. Their eldest daughter, Noella, recently received her first communion.

Jennifer & Anthony Papantonio

(Deacon Jennifer Papantonio)

Elsie O'Neill


Elsie has been attending FRC since 1953 and was installed as a Deacon in 2011. She has been serving the Lord as our Church Treasurer for 26 years now. She's also in charge of preparing the "Children's Message" portion of our Sunday morning service. In the past, Elsie has served as a Sunday School teacher and at one time was even our administrator! She too attends the Thursday Night Dinner/Bible Study regularly and also attends the Women's Care Group that meets once a month. Elsie's parents also were members of this church. Her son, and his wife and family also attended and served in this body for many years. She's truly has a heart for those in need of special mercies and is truly a blessing to this body!

Jennifer was installed as a Deacon in 2015. She's also our Sunday School Superintendent. Jen also serves by teaching Children's Church and Teen Sunday School  mornings and attends Bible studies here at the church. Some Sunday mornings you can catch her and her husband Anthony greeting and ushering in service. Like our other deacons, Jen has a true heart for service and mercies. She stays faithful to all she has been called to do and is another true blessing to the Body.

First Reformed Church of the Palisades